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Belkin - MIXIT™ Metallic Home Charger

The MIXIT Metallic Home Charger offers fast, convenient charging for smartphones, tablets, and any other device that charges via USB cable. This charger plugs directly into your AC wall socket, so you'll always be within reach of a quick battery boost. You'll be able to charge your devices without having to connect them to a computer or bulky docking port.
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Faster charging.
The MIXIT Metallic Home Charger always delivers the maximum amount of power required to charge your device--up to 2.4 amps. This means you'll be able to charge your device up to 40 percent faster, saving you hours of charge time. For example, the charger can take an iPad 4th-generation tablet from zero to 100 percent charge in just 6.2 hours, compared to 10.3 hours with a regular 5-watt charger.

Universal compatability.
Thanks to its versatile Ti chipset, the MIXIT? Metallic Home Charger is compatible with nearly any device that charges via USB cable (sold separately). The chipset automatically recognizes devices when they're plugged in, so you'll be able to begin charging without any setup.

Interchangeable plug design.
Invest in one charger, and get prepped to travel the world, or only to the destinations that matter. The MIXIT? Metallic Home Charger already comes with the plug for your region. Individual plugs for other regions are sold separately, and prevent the need to buy expensive all-in-one chargers, adapters, or country-specific chargers that you can't use at home.

Reliable charging.
Belkin chargers are rigorously engineered to protect your device while it is charging. The charger's intelligent circuitry measures voltage and automatically adjusts power output, ensuring that your device stays safe in the event of an unexpected power surge.

Product features:

  • Convenient charger plugs into AC outlets.
  • Charges your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device up to 40 percent faster than ordinary 5-watt chargers.
  • Sleek design with metallic finish.
  • Compatible with any USB charging cable (sold separately).
  • Smart circuitry protects your device from power spikes.

What's in the box?

MIXIT Metallic Home Charger.


Available Colours
  • Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Space Grey
  • 2.4 Amps
  • AC to USB Charger