Click & Grow - Romaine Lettuce / 3-pack

Click & Grow - Romaine Lettuce / 3-pack

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One of the most popular & healthiest lettuce varieties now available for your Click & Grow garden! Romaine lettuce has an enormous amount of nutritional value and it's a staple in well-knows cuisines from Caesar's salad to stir-fry's to wraps.

Grow your own and you can always be sure you're getting the cleanest and freshest version of this delish' green possible. Romaine lettuce is a rich source of healthy vitamins A, K, Iron, Potassium and much more!

You'll waste less food. Your Romaine Lettuce will always be fresh in your indoor garden. Use only as much as you need and keep the rest growing!

Grown in Smart Soil with nutrients and seeds inside. Smart Soil is a patented material that automatically released nutrients, oxygen and water your plants need to thrive.

What's in the box?

Click & Grow - Romaine Lettuce / 3-pack