Devialet - Phantom Premier Gold

Devialet - Phantom Premier Gold

Exceptional precision and power, gold and titanium, quintessential.
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Gold Phantom, the ultimate connected speaker. Hear every detail brought to life with unthinkable clarity and precision by a Grade I Titanium tweeter. Surrender to indecent power and ultra-deep bass. Sound in its purest and most essential form, finished in fine 22-carat gold.

4500 Watts | 108 dB SPL | 14Hz – 27kHz
0 distortion – 0 saturation – 0 background noise

Unreasonable to the core.
Experience the full immensity of tracks you’ve already heard a thousand times over. From sub-bass to ultra-sharp treble, explore your music’s full potential. With zero distortion, zero saturation, zero background noise.

All the way up to 4500 Watts and 108 Decibels. Radical emotion.

Inside the revolution.
Phantom Premier embodies the vision we’re constantly working towards: bringing the emotion of high-fidelity sound to as many of you as possible. By combining a series of radical patented inventions, Phantom Premier consistently shatters expectations at every step of the sound reproduction chain. With performance 10 to 1000 times superior to anything previously measured, sound will never be the same. Game changed.

One, Two, More. Prepare to be floored.
Be as unreasonable as you want. In Solo, Phantom Premier promises a true moment of refinement. And no matter what you decide, you’ll be sure to feel the difference. Now imagine a second Phantom playing in duo. Listening takes on a whole new dimension. More extreme, more powerful, more exhilarating. An unthinkably immersive experience.

What's in the box?

Devialet Gold Phantom.


Amplifiers & Drivers
  • 4500W peak. THD+N* : 0.0005% | Saturation : 0 | Background Noise 0 dB SPL at 50 cm (-15.5 dB SPL at 3m)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
  • 255 x 252 x 342 mm
  • Bandwidth : 14Hz to 27kHz (@-6dB) Accuracy in frequency response : ± 2dB from 20Hz to 20kHz
Maximum Sound Level
  • 108dB SPL at 1m
  • (SoC) Cyclone V 512MB DDR3 memory
  • ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore 800MHz dual-core processor | hard IP | FPGA in a unique System-On-Chip
  • 11.4 kg