Eiger - Pro Standing Desk

Eiger - Pro Standing Desk

This Eiger Standing Desk is a retrofit solution designed to turn any sitting desk into a standing desk. It accommodates a keyboard and full size monitor, keyboard and laptop, keyboard and tablet or just a laptop.

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EIGER - Pro standing desk
  Ships in 7-10 working days
EIGER - Pro Plus standing desk
  Ships in 7-10 working days


Do you realise how much you potentially sit everyday? Think about it for a second; travelling to work, the morning shift, lunch time, the afternoon shift, the journey home and your evening at home.

In 2011 a study revealed that by standing just 1 hour more a day, 87% of us felt more energised, 87% more comfortable, 75% healthier, 71% more focused, 66% more productive, 38% a reduction in fatigue, 50% reduction in back pain and 100% felt better!

If you are looking for a modern, multipurpose desk that is ideal for sitting and standing you have found the right accessory.

  • Retrofit solution. Converts any sitting desk to a standing desk.
  • Assembles and dis-assembles in seconds
  • Main Shelf: 670mm (max width) 380mm (max depth)
  • Top Shelf: 480mm (max width) 280mm (max depth)
  • Large Top Shelf: 840mm (max width) 300mm (max depth)
  • Cradle/Back Stand: 590mm (max width) 560mm (max depth) 690mm (max height)
  • Easy to move - weighs only 9KG
  • Multi-adjustable ergonomic settings
  • Small top shelf (Eiger Pro) fits full size monitor, laptop or tablet.
  • Large top shelf (Eiger Pro Plus) fits 2 monitors.
  • Made from FSC approved super strong 18mm Baltic Birch Plywood (eco-friendly)
  • iPhone/iPad/smartphone docks, cable outlet points, pen well
  • Protective clear lacquer finish
  • Perfect for the home office, hot desks and any flexible working space
  • Designed in UK. Made in UK
  • Individually hand finished
  • Lifetime Warranty - made to last
  • Did you know? Standing just 3 hours a day over a working year burns more calories than running 10 marathons!

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Eiger Pro Standing Desk