Native Union - iPhone 7 CLIC Air

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Native Union - iPhone 7 CLIC Air

Native Union
Think of CLIC Air as a second skin for your iPhone, giving it enough everyday protection without adding bulk or hiding its impressive design. Beyond slim, CLIC Air has anti-bacterial properties to ward off germs, an anti-slip texture to prevent you losing your grip, and a subtle bumper to safeguard your iPhone's protruding camera lens.
This product is not currently available


Anti-bacterial and anti-slip.
CLIC Air contains anti-bac agents to keep you safe from germs, while the textured surface gives you extra grip - keeping your iPhone in your hand and away from the floor.

Ultra slim protection.
Show off the beautiful design of your iPhone while protecting it from daily bumps and scratches with CLIC Air’s super slim construction.

Looks out for your lens.
A protective bumper encircles your iPhone’s protruding camera lens, safeguarding it against damage, without getting in your way.

What's in the box?

Native Union CLIC Air for iPhone 7.


Available Colours
  • Clear, Smoke
  • iPhone 7