Nurvv - Run

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Nurvv - Run

Optimise your technique and run faster with NURVV Run. NURVV Run measures your running from the foot using 32 built-in sensors, capturing a range of unique running form metrics, and generating personalised guidance and workouts to help you improve performance, stay healthy and fulfil your running potential.
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Keep track of your running activity.
Featuring 32 propriety lightweight precision foot sensors, NURVV Run captures data 1000 times per second to bring you unique insights into your running, helping you improve your speed and reduce injuries.

Understand your running technique.
Captures unique running metrics like Step Length, Pronation, Footstrike and Balance, plus standard running metrics such as Distance, Pace and Cadence. By capturing the complete story of your running, NURVV makes it possible to unlock your next performance improvement and maintain good form, even as you fatigue.

In run coaching.
A key part of improving your running speed is finding the optimal balance between Cadence and Step Length. Pace Coach will help you to develop this balance by setting personalised goals based on your past performance and creating coached workouts to help you progress.

Monitor and manage injury risk.
A personalised Running Health score between 0-100 indicates how sustainable your running is and highlights factors in your running that you can work on to reduce your injury risk.

Manage your daily mileage.
NURVV’s unique daily run allowance suggests your running distance each day to maintain your optimal training load helping you minimise injury while increasing your fitness. Manual run entry allows you to track your training load for runs completed without NURVV.

Compatible with Heart Rate Monitors.
NURVV Run connects to your Bluetooth HR monitor to provide live HR zone cues during run and a comprehensive report on your heart rate after each run so you can manage your training more effectively.

View and share fitness accomplishments.
View metric profiles to see how your technique changes with distance as you fatigue. Share your runs on Strava with the NURVV app.

Synchronises to select Apple devices and works phone free
Compatible with iPhone 6s or later, running iOS12 or above, Apple Watch Series 3 or later

Water-resistant design.
The IP67-rated construction offers durability and comfort allowing you to run in any conditions.

Bluetooth connectivity.
Enjoy seamless wireless connectivity using Bluetooth.

What's in the box?

2x Foot Sensors
2x Trackers
1x Charger with Cable.