Training - Get to know your iPhone

Training - Get to know your iPhone

Discover all things iPhone and iOS 14 in our Get to know your iPhone course.
  Delivered Online


Suitable for anyone with an iPhone, our Apple Experts will bring you through a series of bite-size training models to ensure you know how to fully utilize your iPhone and provide you with a wide range of iPhone tips.

By completing this comprehensive course you will learn how to:

  • Manage and customise the settings of your iPhone
  • Work with the redesigned widgets in iOS 14
  • Organise and manage your apps
  • Manage your schedule and keep organised using calendar, reminders and notes
  • Stay connected with family and friends via messages and video calls with FaceTime
  • Ensure a secure and safe browsing experience in Safari
  • Set up, use and manage your email accounts
  • Capture and edit photos and videos
  • Get the most from Siri; your personal assistant built into iOS
  • Keep your iPhone secure with features such as Auto- Lock and Find My

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Online Training Course.